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Where I Write is a window into the writing lives of your favorite authors and the spaces in which they create.

Whether a home office, a local diner, a living room sofa, an outdoor patio table...writers write everywhere. Some enjoy a clutter of overstuffed bookshelves and scribbled notes. Others prefer the spareness of an isolated corner, or the bustle of a crowded coffee-house. And some just write whenever and wherever they get the chance, maybe while on a lunch break or in the car before a daughter's soccer game.

So what is it about certain spaces that inspire authors to create their most memorable stories and characters? How do they write wherever they are? Do they need quiet or music? Do they like to be surrounded by family photos? How do they immerse themselves in their stories either because of, or in spite of, their surroundings?


Find the answers here! Hopefully you will be inspired to enrich your own creative space, wherever that may be.

Enjoy this glimpse into why authors write where they write.

Where I Write was started by author Nina Lane, whose paralyzing fear of decorating led to her over-the-top office design. Find out more about Nina's office here.

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