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Julia Crosswood

A Quiet Space

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I’m not difficult when it comes to where I write, but I do need a quiet place. Depending on where I can find this, I’m either on the couch in the living room (the flames flickering in our gas fireplace and my dog softly snoring in the background), at the kitchen table (preferably with a cup of coffee and a lot of whipped cream on top), or at my desk in our bedroom while I’m gazing out the window spotting birds when I should be focusing on the screen instead.

My noise cancelling headphone is definitely a handy tool I use to get that extra slice of quietness, but also because I love to listen to music while I write. I’ve made quite a few playlists for different emotions. Depending on the scene that I’m writing, I pick a corresponding playlist to set the mood.

Before I was a mother, I had all the trouble in the world to get into the ‘write zone’. Shall I sit here or there? Or perhaps I should go for a walk to get inspiration? Or do some research first? Maybe I’ll just start with a cup of coffee?

But once I became a mom, there was not enough time to linger and wonder. I just had their naptime, and I learned pretty fast to use every minute of it. Comparing both periods of my life now, it’s crazy to realize I did so much more in a naptime than I did on a free Saturday with no kids around.

Basically, I’ve really come to appreciate my time, space and quietness.

With two children in the house, a job as a teacher and a home we’re still renovating (one day I'll have my own office but today is not that day), I’ve learned to use whatever I can get, however I can get it.


And that’s perfect, because I wouldn’t want a life without my two munchkins. And because too much of anything is never good for you!





Julia Crosswood is a teacher and a mom of two by day. A writer and avid reader by night—or when the kids are napping.

Although writing and self-publishing her books take a lot of time, she makes sure there’s enough left to make sweet memories with her family, including lots of vacations—yet it’s never without her laptop or Kindle.

Under the influence of a serious dose of caffeine and after a long, hard, and sweaty run—and of course a refreshing shower—Julia writes romance stories spiced with a touch of drama and a pinch of suspense.

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