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Cameo Renae

Three Spaces


When I do write, there are three go-to spaces that I love. We recently moved from Alaska to Las Vegas, so I no longer have my own separate office space. And our AC is now on 24/7. Ha! 

For now, I have a small desk set up in the corner of my bedroom. But know what . . . it’s cozy and bright and it works. As long as the words are flowing, I’m a happy girl no matter where I am.


And having my desk in my bedroom does have its advantages. If I get tired, I shut my laptop and hop into bed.

Cameo Renae's Office

Currently, my favorite place to write is in bed. It’s comfortable and by the time I do hit my bed, the clan has settled down and the house is quiet. My husband will watch his movies while I throw on my headphones and let the world around me dissolve. 


I started my career as a full-time writer in 2011 and love my job. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work from home in comfortable clothes, messy buns, and no makeup? Me!

Although writing does have its ups and downs, I love the creative freedom. And I treasure the ability to work from home. But an author’s job is much more than just writing a book. That is one small part of the huge “published author” wheel that continually spins round-and-round.


But it’s nice to have a comfortable space, or in my case . . . spaces . . . to accomplish all of that.

Cameo Renae's Office
Cameo Renae's Office

The dining table is another workspace. When I get up, my first task is making coffee. Because without it, there is no brain. And I definitely need the brain!


Truth is, on the dining table hardly any writing gets done, especially now that the shelter-in-place has the kids being home-schooled and my gang is up and moving around.


During the mornings, I try to market my books and can occasionally get in a few hundred, and if lucky, a thousand words.

Cameo Renae's Office
Cameo Renae's Office
Author Photo.jpg

I was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and now reside with my husband in Las Vegas. I am a dreamer and caffeine addict who loves to laugh and loves to read to escape reality.

One of my greatest satisfactions is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance. It is the love and incredible support of my family and fans that keeps me going. One day I hope to uncover my magic wardrobe and ride away on a unicorn. Until then . . . I'll keep writing!

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