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Nina Levine

A Room with a View

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When I first started writing full-time, one of the things I loved the most about it was the fact I worked from home or wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. No set work hours. I could work in my pyjamas if I wanted. I was free of all routine and expectation. Fast forward five years and I've learned the value of routine and having a separate space away from home for my work. 

Renting this office was one of the best things I did for my writing. It's like my brain knows which space is for what. The minute I set foot inside my office, my writing and work brain switches on. I don't procrastinate half as much when I'm in my office. And while I'd love to decorate it more, I intentionally keep it free of clutter and have minimal wall art because the white space and clear tables help me concentrate on my words. I have one desk I write at and one I can spread plotting sheets out when needed. And there's plenty of floor space for when I need to take breaks and use my foam roller to ease stiffness during long writing sessions.

Nina's Desk

Late last year, after suffering badly from burn out, I moved my office from home to a rented office. I needed to separate work from home because I was spending way too many hours working. At the same time, I took up Pilates, so I found an office in the same building as the Pilates studio I attend. I was working on self-care and my goal was to set an exercise routine alongside my new work routine. I knew my physiotherapist (who runs the Pilates studio) wouldn't let me get away with not attending my Pilates classes once she knew I worked in the same building. Yes, lol, I know myself well. I need all the help I can get with staying on track with my self-care. It worked. I now do Pilates five days a week. 

I still write at home sometimes, in that blue chair in the photos, or outside on the balcony that overlooks the river. I also take my computer up to the rooftop (I live in a high-rise) or to my bed and write because that view of the river inspires me. The main thing is that where I write doesn't have clutter, which used to be the case when my office was in my home. That thing they say about decluttering helping clear your mind really is a thing. 


One day I may move my office back home. Now that I have a self-care routine in place and don't work all the hours, I think I'd be much better at keeping work hours. But that will only happen if I move into a bigger home again. An inner-city two-bedroom apartment has great lifestyle benefits but it's definitely not the place for my office. I need space for work. So until then, this is where I write.

Nina Levine(1).jpg

I’ve been writing in some form or another my whole life. Words are my therapy and how I choose to share myself with the world. Publishing my first book in late 2013 changed my life, and I’m now blessed to have thousands of readers around the world.

What kind of books can you expect from me? I write sexy alpha romance. My alphas are bossy, extremely protective and loyal. And my girls always give as good as they get! I write them strong and sassy. And...if you don’t love dirty, you won’t love my books.

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