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Desiree Martinez

So Here We Are


My life is crazy, and any mom who does anything can completely relate to this.


When I wrote my book, I actually did it in a friend's Airbnb during the pandemic -- so instead I'm sharing with you the craziness that is my life, which was definitely part of the inspiration for writing my book.


I'm in my car a lot, and I definitely come up with a lot of my ideas in the car, but my car is always messy and all of the things. So that's why I'm in my car.

My son's room is a disaster. It's filled with Legos, and I'm almost always afraid to go into his room for fear of foot torture. So trying to get my almost 7-year-old to clean his room is impossible, and I just don't have the patience or desire to deal with here we are.

But my office -- my office is my favorite place to be in my house (well besides the couch cuz that couch is so comfy!). 


This is a place I've built specifically for me to create in to do videos podcasts and help other people grow their business with social media and content marketing.


This is actually a custom-built place in my first house ever, so it has a lot of special meaning.


I love being in this space and, even more, I love creating in it.

Desiree Headshot(1).jpg

I am a creator, entrepreneur, and social media enthusiast here to help you grow your business with better content marketing.

I have had the privilege to speak marketing truth into solopreneurs, brands, and businesses so they can get the results they’ve always wanted. I never expected for my life to look this way, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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