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Wendy Owens

A Nomad

My Husband's Fiancée ebook complete.jpg

Seven. That is how many houses we have lived in since I started my writing career.


Some moves we knew would be temporary because we have a habit of flipping houses. Some moves were far because my husband was starting an office up for his business on the other side of the country.


One thing was always sure, though, in every house, my husband would always try and make sure I had a space that made my creative mind sing.

Now that we are finally in a home we plan to stay in for several years; I find myself paralyzed with uncertainty when I think of decorating my office. For now, I have a desk set up in my office near the mid-century chairs that are a family heirloom. I sit in them to read when inspiration is eluding me and often find myself staring out the window at the giant magnolia tree.

I think of myself as a nomad when I write, though. My most productive writing takes place at my desk, but I also like to be near my husband and children while I work, so my favorite black velvet club chair in the living room is another place I can often be found. Some days it even takes a seat at the local coffee shop, and some people watching to get the words flowing. I say whatever it takes to get you writing is exactly where you should be.


Wendy Owens was born in the small college town of, Oxford Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went on to a career in the visual arts. After several years of creating and selling her own artwork, she gave her first love, writing, a try. She has released the YA fantasy series, The Sacred Guardians. She also has a NA Romance, The Stubborn Love Series. Her favorite genre to write in so far though is psychological thrillers. You can catch her latest release My Husband's Fiancee on Amazon.

She spends her days with her tech geek husband, their three children, and their dogs. As a family, they love to travel as well as explore the town they call home, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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